“Viscusi Elson Interior Design's ability to grasp my vision .. UNCANNY. Their ability to make it better… REMARKABLE! I would use them again in an instant.”

Scott Trobbe, Client

"We have done many projects with Viscusi-Elson Interior Design. They are professional, very thorough, and a delight to work with. VE listens to their clients, and their designs reflect that. They are well thought out, and give us the details we need to carry them out. We are proud to have worked with them on so many great projects,and look forward to the next one'.'
Paul Conrado, President, Conrado Home Builders

"Viscusi Elson worked on my new home over a period of two years. Gina understood my vision for my family's lifestyle, even though what I wanted was non-conformational - I desired something that would uniquely reflect our tastes and our multi-cultural roots. The journey with them was one of mu­tual collaboration, the end result being very personal and beautiful! Their work has made our home feel just right for us. The office works efficiently, is well-coordinated, and billings are very fair. When we had a short deadline to finish our home for an event, the team was on the ball - sending us almost daily updates of the progress, pushing vendors to get deliveries on time, and making regular visits to ensure everything was set up properly'.'
Rashmi Sinha, Client

"We couldn't be happier with what Viscusi Elson has helped us do in our new home. Their vision and attention to detail has left us with a beautiful and comfortable home that we love. In making themselves readily available whenever needed at the job site, we were able to avoid some serious and costly mistakes. We were inexperienced and their help was invaluable. We appreciated their expertise and professionalism in all areas'.'
Paula Hirsch, Client

“Viscusi Elson SAVED my house. Gina is the most talented individual. I went to her to buy cabinets and within 5 minutes after she looked at my plans she told me everything which was wrong with the architectural design of the house. I left my plans with her and she spent a very short time and made it my dream house. From moving walls and stairs to doing furniture planning and design, she made the flow, design, and arrangement just perfect. Today the house is built with all her changes (which is basically complete redesign and reordering of rooms) and it is truly the most beautiful house I could have asked for and the flow is absolutely perfect. I would never have imagined that walking in that store would save the house and eliminate all mistakes planned in the original design saving us a ton of money and increasing the house value immensely. This is a 7000 sq feet home and the redesign is not a simple task as one can imagine. Thanks to Gina and her talented team for providing such a valuable service. Their Cabinets are also best quality and design. I highly recommend them with 5+ stars.”

“As an architect of high end homes, I can say working with Gina and her firm is always a joy. They really know their stuff, get the job done professionally and thoroughly, and frankly make my job so much easier. Their detailed design work, keen eye for colors and fabrics, and knowledge of cabinetry is off the charts, second to none. Every project seems to have that extra personal touch that brings out the personalities of our clients.

They are flexible and collaborate very well, respect our design concept, and always take it to the next level. Every project we have done is better because of their involvement, be it a traditional shingle style, Tudor, Mediterranean, or contemporary; they really can do it all.

We also specialize in green buildings, and it's been very comforting that Gina and her firm are also embracing this important facet of design as well, in terms of environmentally beneficial products and finishes.

My wife and I recently hired them to work on our own home, and the results were fabulous! Of course, we gave them absolutely no time at all to get our house ready for the Fall 2008 Build It Green Home Tour. But they got it all done on time, and I know their work was a huge factor in our house being honored with the People's Choice First Prize Award for Santa Clara Valley.”

Kudos to Gina and the whole crew!
Noel F. Cross, AIA, Noel Cross+Architects